Ben Grube

The Prudential Challenge Lab


No matter how hard we try, humans aren’t great at making financial decisions. On a fundamental level, we’re programmed to live in the here and now, so it’s no wonder we struggle with planning for the future.

The Challenge Lab was an ongoing interactive content platform designed to help people identify, understand and overcome the psychological barriers that get in the way when trying to set ourselves up for the long term. Rooted in behavioral insights, we created dozens of tools and experiences that got people thinking about their own futures in a whole new way.



Cannes Lions: Titanium
Cannes Cyber Lions: Silver
Cannes Cyber Lions: Bronze
Webby Awards



The Five Challenges


Organized around five key behavioral challenges—from procrastination to instant gratification and optimism bias—the site included over 60 unique films, articles, interactive experiences and retirement planning tools.



Challenge Lab Tools


We created a set of unique interactive tools, designed to help people understand and overcome the behavioral biases that can get in the way when planning for the future.


The Challenge Lab

Client: Prudential
Agency: Droga5
Prod. Co. (Platform): Use All Five
Prod. Co. (Tools): Luxurious Animals, B-Reel, Rehab Studios
Role: Art Direction, Design