Ben Grube

Every Night

With Blue Apron, any night of the week is a chance to make much more than just dinner.


In a competitive market, Blue Apron needed to move beyond simply talking about their product and find a way to connect with consumers on an emotional level. So we created a series of poignant, funny, touching and relatable stories to show the powerful role Blue Apron can play in the lives of people who cook with it.

Inspired by great cooking scenes in Hollywood movies like Chef and Big Night, we wanted each of our stories to look and feel like a scene taken from a Hollywood film.



Anthem Film


We launched the campaign with a movie trailer-style anthem spot that featured scenes from our films.



A Film for Each Night of the Week


To show how Blue Apron turns any night into an opportunity to make something more than just dinner, we set each of our films on a different night of the week, and we aired each film on the night of the week it takes place. 


Every Night

Client: Blue Apron
Agency: Droga5
Director: Paola Morabito
Prod. Co.: Knucklehead
DP: Sharone Meir
Role: ACD, Art Direction